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Production Facilities

B&DG streamlines the production process with offices located in a full service television and radio production facility.   What does this mean to you?  When we save money on production, you save money on production.  It’s just that simple.

Our writers, producers, art directors, designers and animators are supported by on site production resources including:
  • 2D and 3D computer graphics and animation including the Oscar Award winning software, Maya 7 Complete
  • Pro Tools Digital Audio Recording Studio with digital music and sound effects libraries
  • Sound Stage 1: 60' x 62' x 17' high. Cyc Wall: 15' x 42' x 23'
  • Sound Stage 2: 40' x 60'
  • Sound Stage 3: 40' x 30'
  • 2 AVID Video Edit Suites
  • 4 Final Cut Pro Edit Suites
  • Original music, post-scoring and jingle packages
  • DVD authoring and mass duplication services in all formats
  • Location shooting and production teams for shooing on the beach, in the mountains, in the desert, in the heat and humidity of south Florida and the sub zero temperatures of Minnesota.

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"You know you made a good decision when you feel good about paying for it. I wanted a new website that was user friendly, increased my SEO, and looked good. I went to the Broadcast & Design Group for help and I'm glad I did. They are fun and easy to work with, they helped me create a dynamic website that is easy to use, looks good and has all the necessary ingredients for search engine optimization (SEO). They made the whole process simple (in my world simple is great). I told them what I wanted and ‘poof’ it was done. They even added things that I didn't know I wanted, or should I say needed, that made the site even better than I imagined. What I liked best is they had fun building my site. They are proud of their work and I now have a fantastic site. Check it out for yourself at bobhamilton.com. It was a great experience worth every penny. I highly recommend the Broadcast & Design Group, they go above and beyond. Thanks Steve, John and everyone else at Broadcast & Design Group for making this process fun and painless. I look forward to working with you on more projects in the future.”

Bob Hamilton
Bob Hamilton Plumbing, Heating & A/C
Overland Park, KS

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