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Case Studies

CASE STUDY 1:  Golf Galaxy “Pre-Season Sale”

Golf Galaxy

Golf Galaxy had a very aggressive plan for opening new stores in many different markets. To reach sales and corporate goals the “Pre-Season Sale” was a key element in starting the year on a strong note. Going from 4 stores to 16 stores in different markets we needed to change the way Golf Galaxy kicked off the Pre-Season. In the past they based the Pre-Season Sale on the Minneapolis, Minnesota and Grand Rapids, Michigan markets.  We knew there was a better strategy.


  • Target frequent golfers
  • Balance media mix for more effective reach
  • Adjust media plan and buy for market differences
  • Break out of the box with high impact creative
We could no longer base our Pre-Season event on two markets. We broke all the stores into five groups that had strong similarities and came up with a Market Group Analysis. The MGA showed Group/Market, percent of population compared to percent of store sales, the percent of radio, TV and newspaper costs indexed to store sales.

Next, we looked at the percent of sales by month and market for frequent golfers. We compared seasonal sales to the ‘climate differences’ showing the average daily temperature by month per market. When all the research and information was tabulated it became very clear that we needed to stagger the Pre-Season Sale starting with the markets whose golf seasons started first, based on weather and continued market by market based on weather/start of each markets golf season.  This media approach allowed us to customize the creative (radio, TV and print) to each individual market versus the traditional approach of one generic campaign to work for all markets.

Golf Galaxy expand market share in each market while building their brand.  Advertising was perfectly timed for each marketing and pre-season sales compared to the previous year increased from $79.50 per customer visit to $91.20 per customer visit per store.  The results exceeded the client’s expectations.



Cheerios NASCAR

The objective was to build awareness and brand loyalty to the Cheerios family of brands. Kellogg’s dominated the cereal category for decades and General Mills wanted to be the category leader. Jack Rousch racing was contacted and the wheels were in motion with Cheerios NASCAR #26, driven by Johnny Benson.

From the first drop of the green flag at the Daytona 500 to the final wave of the checkered flag at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in November Cheerios and Kellogg’s battled it out not only on the racetrack but in the cereal aisle of every major grocery store on the NASCAR circuit.

We partnered with the leading grocery store in each NASCAR race market to secure premium in-store displays, featuring specially produced Cheerios boxes with Cheerios NASCAR #26 and Johnny Benson.  We further supported these efforts with in-store couponing, FSI’s and a heavy radio flight. The grocery retailers promoted Cheerios and the NASCAR event in their individual weekly newspaper and radio advertising.

All of the creative was a ‘shared’ event promoting the Cheerios brand and individual grocery retailers. For additional impact and excitement we brought the Cheerios NASCAR #26 to the local grocery store and had in-store/autograph sessions with Johnny Benson.

At the end of the NASCAR season, Cheerios market share jumped 10 percentage points. And, for the first time in history, Cheerios topped Kellogg's in the cereal category.

CASE STUDY 3:  Colombo Yogurt  “Take A Taste Drive”

Columbo YogurtBACKGROUND
Sales of Colombo Yogurt in the state of California were flat and going nowhere. Its market share wasn’t very healthy either.  General Mills provided us with a Communications Strategy and Creative Brief. The research showed the primary target audience to be a female head of household 30 to 45 years old, career driven and active. Research also stated in blind taste tests, the target preferred Colombo Yogurt over all other brands on the market and once they tried the product they continued to buy it and become brand loyal.

The challenge – get the target to sample Colombo Yogurt and sales/market share will go up.  Through research we discovered that our target audience was the largest purchaser and had the highest interest in the brand new Volkswagen Beetle.  The “Colombo Yogurt – Take A Taste Drive” was born.  We purchased 12-brand new Volkswagen Beetles, had them custom painted in extremely bright colors and applied Colombo Yogurt and Taste Test graphics to the cars.

We created newspaper ads, FSI’s, coupons, radio and TV commercials consistently delivered the Taste Drive message in a manner the target could say, “This is for me. It’s saying something important to me.”

Next, we needed to fill the distribution pipeline, so we partnered with the top three-grocery store chains in California. Our caravan of 12 VW Beetles hit the streets, driving through neighborhoods, shopping malls, business areas and stopping at our grocery store partners locations handing out free Colombo Yogurt samples, discount coupons and registration blanks to win one of the twelve VW Beetles.

The exposed areas saw a marked increase in sales and held that position against the competition.

CASE STUDY 4:  Fraisers Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical

FrasiersFrasier’s, a Rhinelander, WI based plumbing, heating and cooling company was looking to develop their electrical division.  The sales numbers were dismal at best putting $12,000 on the books over the course of about seven months.  Research indicated to us that there was a need for the service but an effective method and plan for communicating that message needed to be developed.

Develop a marketing strategy that speaks directly to the people in the area and addresses their needs in way that is attention-getting and memorable.  We developed a plan that focused on :15 second TV commercials bookending local new time slots.  The first commercial the viewer saw out of the news was Frasier’s and the last commercial before the new came back on was Fraiser’s.  The creative approach was simple.  We created a campaign called. “Just Think Of The Possibilities”.  The campaign was a soft sell for the consumer to visualize all of the beautiful electrical upgrades (including mood lighting, under-counter lighting and landscape lighting) that were possible with one call to Fraiser’s.  

The radio side of the plan took a decidedly more humorous approach with the creation of the “Whoopee Brothers”. The Whoopee brothers are a fictitious, north-woods pair who invented the ‘Whoopee Cushion’ and struck it rich.  With all of their money they upgraded their home.

Fraiser’s “Just Think Of The Possibilities” campaign was an overwhelming success.  Sale increased to over $75,000 in just the first three months.  Business continues to grow and the electrical division now holds its own, thanks to the Whoopee Brother.   To hear the Whoopee Brothers radio ad, click here.

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