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Creative Process

B&DG prides itself on the success of the projects we have done for home service contractors, the medical industry, the fast food restaurant industry, education, non-profits and more.  As an authorized Strategic Partner for Nexstar the Broadcast & Design Group has extensive experience with plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical service contractors all across the United States and Canada.  

We believe the power of extraordinarily creative products cutting through the clutter and delivering messages with impact. Creative is a process that should be left to the professionals. It goes way beyond just coming up with a good idea. There has to be a method to the madness. You need to define your objectives, develop a strategy, and know what makes your customers tick. When you do these things as well as we do, you can create results.

Our service is based on our own experiences. Imagine calling an ad agency and asking that all the big shots personally handle your business. Not likely. But when you work with the Broadcast & Design Group, that’s exactly what you get. We’re a group of seasoned ad agency and production company veterans who’ve teamed up to offer clients the expertise of a big agency and production facility, without the obnoxious fees. Our idea of a good time is to roll up our sleeves, dig into a problem, and help our clients solve it.

B&DG insists on the strength of strategic planning. Would you build a house without a plan? Not likely. A comprehensive strategy offers the basis for every aspect of our work. It defines where we are, where we need to go and how we’re going to get there. A great strategic plan is the foundation for success.

As much as we’d love you to believe it, the creative process is not influenced by magical powers. There’s nothing easy about advertising. So, we’ve developed a user-friendly approach to help guide us through the process.
  1. We learn as much about your business as you dare to share, including your products, your customers and your competition.
  2. We develop objectives, define a key message and develop a creative platform based on your goals.
  3. We make it happen.
Where are you in the process? With us 100% of the way!

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"The Broadcast & Design Group did a great job representing our interest with the yellow pages. We never would have been able to negotiate as strongly as they did on our behalf.  They are a very responsive company. We appreciate their input and their ability to meet demanding deadlines.”

Jeff Ross
The Spengler Company
O’Fallon, IL

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