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When you think about branding your company you might think about a new logo or a snappy jingle.  It’s common mistake to assume that a slogan or logo is your brand.  

Your brand is how your customer feels, thinks and interacts with your product or service.  It’s their experience with you that formulates the brand image of your company.

Advertising needs to speak to the consumer on a personal level to get them to mentally say, “Hey, they’re speaking my language.”  Or “What they’re saying is meaningful to me.”

Emotions greatly influence decision-making.  your brand is in the hearts and minds of your customers you have completed the most critical step in the process of branding your company.

The Broadcast & Design Group can help you achieve this goal.

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"Over the last five months we have had the privilege to work with Broadcast & Design Group in regards to our new website. It was such a pleasure working with the whole team. A project that we thought would take at least six months was done in just three, and the final product was above our expectations. We worked with Steve and Tim and they have always been just a phone call away no mater what the questions were, in the beginning of the project and after the site launched! If you are looking for a company with outstanding customer service and exceptional work, with a great cost this is the right company for you! Thanks again Broadcast & Design Group!”

Lindsey Miller
Grand Lake Plumbing
Grand Lake, CO

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